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what's love got to do with sun hats?

We had a beautiful evening under blue skies and I think everyone genuinely enjoyed themselves at last evening's script floppy hat workshop. It was so good. I was able to share a little bit about my story before we started crafting. I like to make analogies. its the teacher in me. I couldn't help but connect our wide brimmed sun hats with the hope I have in Jesus Christ.


In Ephesians we are told to put on the armor of God because life is a battlefield.  Boy, have I learned that. Eight years ago I had a very trying year; my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, my grandmother passed away, & I suffered from a traumatic miscarriage. I became very angry and consumed with sadness. I turned to flowers to give me something creative to keep my mind off of the hurt. That interest turned into a hobby and then turned into my business, ladybird. God redeemed my pain and gave me hope through his beautiful creation. Now, I am able to share with others how I got through one of the hardest times of my life by sharing my passion for flowers, plants, & crafts.


Then... this winter my father in law passed away at 61 from brain cancer and a few weeks later I had a second miscarriage. another horrific blow was dealt to my husband and I. Life is indeed a battlefield; from everyday troubles to larger tragedies. I used to think as a christian I should be immune from the pain and suffering of this world. but god showed me that everyone’s life on earth is promised to have heartache, not because of him, but because of sin. 


It could be very easy to curl up and not fight through these things. But the amazing thing is God offers us hope through Jesus Christ. He went through the ultimate suffering of death on a cross, when he was blameless, so that he could welcome us to an eternal place free from evil, pain, crying, and sadness one day. That is how loved YOU are. He has known our heartache and he gives us hope to make it through. That is the richest HOPE anyone or anything can offer us in this life. The only thing required of us is to simply believe in his promise. It is because of that promise that I am here today, to share this hope & courage I have found. It is the only thing I can cling to in my grief. so... love has everything to do with this little craft workshop.

As we make our sun hats tonight, let’s remember the shade of relief only He can offer us in the harsh heat of life. The bible doesn’t tell us to put on a sun hat as our armor for this earthly battlefield... but similarly, my hope is as you wear this hat by the pool or beach, you think of Jesus and his sacrifice so that we could have relief from all of this, just like your hat gives you some shade. You do not have to walk through suffering alone. He is available to you. All you need to do is put his love on.

If you are going through a tough time and need support, please email me. I would love to be able to encourage you.