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valentine seed bombs

Don't get me wrong.  I love the boxes of valentines you get at the grocery store and I love vday candy.  But I was looking to do something a little different and creative with Lula for her preschool classmates this year. And since she recently stopped napping (I know I got in a solid 4 years!), we have been using our afternoons as fun one-on-one time.  This was a perfect activity for her.

I saw a package of these seed bombs for sale at Paper Source and I had the thought all creatives do when they see something they like, "Hey! I could make that!" So I researched a lot of recipes and this is the one I like the best.  Also, bonus points for only having to buy the cheap little seed packets and card stock! 

I printed my own valentines on pink card stock (from my fav paper store Oliver's Twist).  One side says, "Valentine, I love to watch our friendship grow." The other side gives the instructions, "Plant these hearts. sprinkle with showers. add some sun & love, in no time you'll have pretty flowers. Happy Valentine's Day."  But there are so many clever sayings you could use instead: let love grow, i'd pick you every time, plant seeds of love, you're growing on me... and on and on. 

**You don't have to make a ton of these. You could do a few large hearts and pair it with home-painted terra cotta pot to give to grandparents or teachers!**

Here are the materials you need: 

a food processor, blender, or hand mixer

boiling water


heart cookie cutter (or whatever shape you'd like) 

splatter screen or some other kind of screen for drying purposes

construction paper or old newspaper

paper towel

hot glue or needle & thread/yarn or hole punch

Optional: food coloring

1. Rip paper into pieces and place in a big bowl.  I used construction paper without food coloring, but you could use old newspaper and add coloring in with the hot water to get your desired hue. 


2. Pour boiling water in bowl so the pieces of paper are submerged.  If you are using food coloring, add it now. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes. 

3. Transfer the paper mixture to your food processor or blender and pulse. You want it to turn into a nice pulp.  

4. Pour in seeds and stir to incorporate. I used 4 different seed packets and about 8 pieces of paper to make 12 hearts. 

5. Place paper towel under your splatter screen to collect any water. 

6. Put your cookie cutter on top of the screen and scoop a small portion of the seed pulp into the cookie cutter.  Gently press down to make sure the pulp fills the heart shape. 

7. Slowly lift the cookie cutter up and repeat.  

8. Let them sit for 24 hours or until dry and then adhere to your valentines.  Mine took a a good amount of time to dry because they were thick.  I put them on a drying rack with a ceiling fan over them. Then I used a needle and yarn to attach them to the card stock, but you could try hot glue or hole punching too! 

xo- Happy Valentine's Day everyone.