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Crowned with Love

The night was filled with vinyl, cupcakes, bubbly, flowers,  & beauty.  We packed 18 gals into our tiny workshop room at Kindred while heart helium balloons floated above us.  Before we started our crown construction, I told everyone of my love for Valentine's Day.  I love the colors, the candy, and the sentiment.  I know some think it is just a Hallmark holiday, but to me it is a day to celebrate L O V E.  And not just romantic love, but the unconditional. never-ending love from our Heavenly Father.  God says He rejoices over us with dancing... now that's love. That He created each and everyone one of us with a unique purpose; that He loves us so much he set up a path to eternity of glory and goodness with Him, away from the hurt and evil of this world.

 Just like I might create a bouquet of colorful and fragrant blooms, He has weaved together qualities in each of us that should shine and bring that beauty to the world.  Not just physical beauty, but a sweet fragrance and boldness that brings glory to the creator.  When I see an arrangement of flowers, a magnificent painting, or taste a cake that is sweet and delicious - it makes me feel awe for the creator of those things.  We should feel that same type of awe for the creator of this world and us.

 So I wanted everyone to feel that awe and love last Monday night.  I wanted them to feel special and then go off into the world and help others feel that kind of special... through each women's beauty. And I know there are times in life when we don't feel that beauty, because sadness seems like it is about to swallow us. However, let Valentine's Day be a reminder that we are deeply loved and that God says He WILL make ALL things work to the good for those that love Him.  Let me be an example.  He has turned hurt into beauty for me. That is His speciality.  

So we constructed our crowns over Etta Fitzgerald and Breakfast at Tiffany's tunes.  Everyone did such a beautiful job, I tried to talk them into wearing them the next day for their Vday dates.  We looked like flower princesses!

After we created our own colorful crowns, we had the amazing Lexi of Doodle Shots capture the happiness and gorgeousness of the night and I HAD to share the images.  It is all just too good.