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rifle paper co. pumpkin workshop

 photo by workshop participant @karissasprinkle 

photo by workshop participant @karissasprinkle 

20 people squeezed together with friends and family to craft and chat at my fall Rifle Paper Co. pumpkin workshop at Oliver's Twist.  I could tell by the laughter that everyone was having a good time.  And the finished products were soooo cute.  How could they not be with Rifle Paper Co. covering them! 

I want our get togethers to feel like party nights with good friends.  So I served homemade pumpkin cake roll with to die for cream cheese frosting (thanks mom!), hot spiced cider with ginger snap cookies to dunk , and pumpkin punch served in a pumpkin.  I got the idea here and it was super easy and festive. 

Then we chatted for a bit about how God makes everything beautiful in its time.  We are created in God's image and just like we like to make things beautiful from our nail polish to house decor, God makes things beautiful.  He wants to take our old yucky, muddy pumpkins from the fields of hearts and wrap them in flowers and set them on your mantle and doorsteps for all to see.  He wants to display His incredible nature of taking bad and making good from it... if you let Him. God has taken and is still constantly working on me; transforming my sin and loving me. Now, I am proud to show and tell what God has done and is doing. So if you are experiencing something tough, hard, overwhelming, or ugly... give it to God.  Father, we hand over the ugliness of our lives and ask you to make it beautiful.  Then set it on our doorsteps so we can share Your glory with others and help them feel your unfailing love.

After that we got down to it! Decoupaging rifle gift wrap in the cutest patterns on our pumpkins.  Some added glitter, some paint, some even lettered beautiful phrases and words! Each one was so unique. 

If you're looking for a fun night out with your favorite gals, check my workshop page for current openings.  I also host private parties... think showers, bachelorette parties, small groups, MOPS, any reason to celebrate!