garden of my mind

a stroll through some blooming thoughts & weeds


Somehow this weekend I celebrated a whole decade gone by since I graduated from the best college ever, Taylor University. My best girls and their girls all came to town to reminisce over muddy buddies, chips & dip, and lots of diet coke. Our friendship is so unique.  We are spread across the country now but each year we manage to get together and it is like we were never apart. We have the opportunity to be vulnerable and pray for one another and of course laugh until our cheeks hurt.  God has blessed us richly. 

On Saturday morning of Homecoming weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to host a flower crown workshop for the gals I graduated with in '06. We gathered in the new student center overlooking a perfect fall day; surrounded by flowers and friends.  Some even brought their little girls, including me! 

I shared a condensed version of my testimony. Through some tears I tried to hold back, I talked about how God turned some hurt in my life into something beautiful.  And I encouraged everyone that God wants to do that for those who love him. Ecclesiastes 3:11.  God wants to trade the ashes on our heads for a crown of beauty. So we made B E A utiful flower crowns to remind us of this incredible hope. 

Every crown was unique and gorgeous and it made my heart swell to see such beauty when they were graced on the sweet heads of all the wonderful women and girls there.  My pal and awesome photographer, Lexi from Doodle Shots drove up to document the fun morning.  I won't forget that workshop. It has a special place in my heart and soon on my walls when I get these amazing photos framed.