Ladybird specializes in floral design for events and weddings, workshops, and handmade art. 

The name of my business is inspired by Lady Bird Johnson.  Her sentiment, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope," resonates with me. There is something about nature; the color of flowers, the graceful swaying of trees in a breeze, the sound of a nourishing rain that give us hope to trust in the promises of God. 

The idea of ladybird started as a little seed in my mother's garden. I used to cut yellow roses for my teachers and watch my mom watercolor geraniums. My love of nature and desire to share it was watered and cared for by many others along the way and I am deeply grateful for their inspiration and encouragement. It has grown into my dream and now it will bloom and hopefully benefit many. 

Meet Jacki

First and Foremost, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and treasure His daily grace.  I believe He has traded my ashes for His crown of beauty, my mourning for the oil of joy, & my despair for the garment of praise. In Him, I am an oak of righteousness.  Praying that I can show His splendor to all.  Isaiah 61:3 

My adventurous spirit has taken me halfway around the globe to Hawaii for a short time, to the glorious south, to the one and only New York City, and back to home sweet home in Indiana. These experiences have made my heart rich with wonder, filled my mind with creative ideas, and equipped me with a drive and determination like no other. I am happily married to the best man in the world. An incredible fine artist by trade, Brad partners with me to implement all of our crazy ideas. In the fall of 2018 I will take on a role I never thought I would as a homeschool mama. I will be teaching kindergarten to my oldest girl and I am so so so excited. I have a bad case of wanderlust and am wistfully romantic. Flowers are my love language and I could spend all day, every day in their presence. And in no particular order, I have a deep love for:

leopard shoes, Coca-cola in a bottle, thunderstorms, homemade chocolate cookie dough, color, football, taxi cabs, polka dots, homemade dumplings, my darling daughters Lula Jo, Goldie, & Dove and of course my Scottie dog Bonnie

My current travel dream: a tour of the world's best gardens.